Do you like luxury? Have you ever experienced true luxury? If you think have, it's likely that you actually have no idea what the wealthy of the world are experiencing in their daily lives.

Sure, the seats in your Infiniti massage your backside. Your Range Rover has a cabin born from the souls of an entire cattle ranch. But unless you've reclined the seat in a Rolls-Royce and stared up at the night sky right in your headliner, you've only tasted wisps of luxury. Rolls-Royce is now pushing this concept even further, because the starliner over your precious dome can now be filled with shooting stars.

Rolls-Royce is taking 55 examples of its Wraith coupe and turning them into limited-edition stunners. Dubbed the Luminary Collection, the British automaker says the cars "will light the way for the luxury trailblazer." One of the ways in which they'll do that is through the dance of fiber optic lighting embedded in the headliner.

The process of embedding 1,340 lights into the space above your head takes around 20 hours, and it's all done by hand. The result, of course, is stunning. You have a vision of space unfolding right before you, and now that vision features shooting stars. This, friends, is true opulent luxury.

That trailblazing theme continues in the choice of in-cabin colors and materials and on the outside of the Wraith as well. Tudor Oak wood glows brilliantly as an interior finishing material. It should, considering a set of 176 LEDs are placed throughout the hard stuff. If you press a button, the whole setup glows and fades to mimic the shooting star motif.

On the outside, these limited-run Wraiths wear a new paint color called Sunburst Gray. During low light, the color appears almost flat but as the sun rises you'll find copper tones coming to life. The paint is in tune with the light environment in which it sits. don't see a color description like that when you order an Audi.

Rolls-Royce seeks to expand the bespoke models that it produces. Collections like this Luminary series certainly highlight that goal. The automaker pushes forward into uncharted luxury territory, and this shooting star headliner is just the latest example in what you didn't know was possible—or even considered—with a car.