Opel in 2014 confirmed plans for a flagship SUV that would share a platform and production line with the Insignia range of models.

But the platform in question, code-named E2XX, is a General Motors design no longer available to Opel due to the brand’s sale earlier this year to France’s PSA Group.

According to Auto Express, the change of ownership means Opel’s plans for the SUV, along with plans for all other vehicles being developed on GM platforms, have been put on hold.

Opel Monza concept

Opel Monza concept

The SUV was expected to feature a design inspired by Opel’s Monza concept unveiled at the 2013 Frankfurt auto show, and target vehicles such as the Ford Edge and Volkswagen Touareg. GM's Australian brand, Holden, was also expected to get a version of the SUV.

It may not be on hold indefinitely, however. Auto Express reports that PSA Group could still develop a range-topping SUV for Opel based on the flexible EMP2 platform found in a number of PSA Group vehicles including the Peugeot 3008 compact SUV. The platform is also destined for the next-generation Peugeot 508 sedan which will be an Insignia-sized vehicle.

Under the Opel sale agreement made between GM and PSA Group, Opel’s future models will need to be based on platforms owned by PSA Group. Eventually, Opel’s existing models based on GM’s platforms, which aren't allowed to be sold by PSA Group outside of Europe, will be phased out or replaced with new models based on PSA Group platforms, a process that will take several years.