It's one of the most famous, or should we say infamous, vehicles in history. It captured the attention of millions of people for one insane day back in June of 1994. I'm talking about a certain fifth-generation Ford Bronco that was finished in bright white paint. It's the O.J. Bronco, and it just appeared on the show "Pawn Stars."

There were actually two Broncos associated with O.J. Simpson. One was owned by Simpson himself, and that one was where police found traces of blood. The second Bronco was the white one that Al Cowlings used to drive O.J. on that dramatic slow-speed highway chase. It's the second Bronco that is so famous and that found its way onto TV once again.

Originally owned by Cowlings, the Bronco was sold to O.J.'s manager Mike Gilbert. He paid $75,000 to acquire the truck from AC and he's mostly stored it ever since. Gilbert says he bought it to keep it from being used in gruesome Hollywood tours. It's occasionally been on loan to a few car museums, but it's only acquired an additional 20 miles since Gilbert purchased it.

Now Gilbert is ready to part with the Bronco and he wants to see if the "Pawn Stars" will pony up his asking price. Gilbert appeared on the latest episode of the show with the Bronco and had a tidy little asking price of $1.3 million. That price, along with the infamous history of the truck, were enough for the shop owners to pass.

So that leaves the O.J. Bronco still on the market and on display at the Alcatraz East Crime Museum in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. Gilbert may have created some clever marketing by appearing on "Pawn Stars." Were he to take it to an auction like any of the several at this week's Monterey Car Week, he could probably get his asking price or possibly more.

It all seems distasteful to us, though.