BMW has quietly dropped the coupe body style from its 6-Series range for 2018. It means there are now just the 6-Series Convertible and 6-Series Gran Coupe options.

The M6 coupe has also disappeared along with the regular model.

A BMW spokesperson confirmed to Road & Track that the 6-Series coupe ended production in February, making the 2017 model year the last for the car. That month, combined sales of all 6-Series body styles came in at just 201 units for the United States.

The news doesn’t come as much of a surprise given the low sales. And don’t forget that BMW is working on a more luxurious 8-Series coupe to fill the void. The new car should arrive in about a year’s time. An 8-Series Convertible is also on the way to eventually replace the 6-Series Convertible.

It’s not clear whether BMW will also add an 8-Series Gran Coupe to replace the 6-Series Gran Coupe, but there’s a good chance it will considering the strong demand for high-end sedans in China and the U.S.

As for the 6-Series nameplate, it’s expected to filter across to the replacement for the 5-Series Gran Turismo. Prototypes for the so-called 6-Series GT have already been spotted.

There have also been rumors BMW might launch a proper sports car wearing a 6-Series badge, though the chances of that happening look slim given BMW’s poor success with sports cars. The Z4 and i8 attract even fewer buyers than the 6-Series.