As capable as the Cayenne and Macan are, the Porsche SUVs will never get track-focused GT variants like their sports car siblings.

That’s the word of Porsche engineer Andreas Preuninger, who leads development of the automaker’s GT sports cars like the 911 GT3 and Cayman GT4.

Speaking with Car and Driver, Preuninger explained that the GT cars, not to be mistaken with the GTS cars which already include Cayenne and Macan GTS models, are always derived from actual competition cars.

“The credibility of the GT car is based on direct bloodline to the race cars,” Preuninger said. “A customer buying a [911] GT3 knows there’s a derivative that’s on track every other weekend in a different race series.”

Preuninger said that if a Cayenne or Macan was entered into a competition such as the Dakar rally, then he could envision his team developing a road-going version of the competition SUV, though he stressed that there were no plans at Porsche to race any of its SUVs just yet.