Fans of Japanese sports cars may want to seriously consider booking a trip to Japan for the 2017 Tokyo auto show, if reports from Car and Driver prove accurate.

Based on its sources, the magazine reports that Nissan and Toyota are planning to unveil concepts previewing new generations of their respective Z and Supra sports cars at the show, which is scheduled for late October.

A redesigned Z is long overdue as the current model dates back to the 2009 model year. Fortunately, the concept in Tokyo is said to be followed closely by a production model. The new Z is expected to ride on a shortened version of the platform found in the Infiniti Q60 and be introduced for 2019.

2017 Nissan 370Z

2017 Nissan 370Z

Nissan had toyed with the idea of launching a sports car below the Z to cater to younger buyers and even rolled out the funky IDx concepts in 2013. Instead, the automaker is now expected to offer the redesigned Z with multiple powertrains including V-6, turbocharged V-6 and even hybrid options to appeal to a wider audience.

As for the Supra concept, it’s said to closely preview the planned production version also due for 2019—unlike the previous FT-1 concepts which only hint at the design. And just like with the new Z, the new Supra is also said to be getting multiple powertrains including turbocharged inline-4, turbocharged V-6 and a hybrid option.

Interestingly, Car and Driver reports that Toyota will show off two other performance-oriented concepts. One is said to be an evolution of the S-FR concept unveiled at the 2015 Tokyo auto show and the other a hot hatch based on the Corolla.