Volkswagen’s famous Transparent Factory in the German city of Dresden will soon be churning out cars again.

The plant, which features glass walls and an open-plan design, was last used to build VW’s Phaeton. But after production of the flagship sedan came to an end in March, the plant served as a demonstration center for VW’s upcoming technologies in the areas of electric mobility and digital services.

However, VW on Thursday announced that its updated e-Golf will enter production at the plant starting in April 2017. As demand for electric cars grow, the e-Golf will also enter production at VW’s main plant for the Golf located in the automaker’s home town of Wolfsburg.

Furthermore, customers will be able to take delivery of all the electrified VW cars from the plant in future. The list includes the battery-electric e-Golf and e-Up! as well as the plug-in hybrid Golf and Passat GTE.

The updated e-Golf reaches showrooms in the United States in early 2017. Key among the enhancements is a 35.8-kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery, enough for a range of 124 miles.