Volkswagen has finally ceased production of its Phaeton, a full-size luxury sedan first shown at the 2002 Geneva Motor Show and discontinued in the United States midway through the last decade due to poor sales performance.

And it wasn't only in the U.S. where the car suffered from slow sales. Worldwide figures totaled only a few thousand in recent years.

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The last Phaeton rolled off the line on March 18 at the car’s glass-walled Transparent Factory in Dresden, Germany. Here we see staff from the plant standing next to the car.

The good news is that there will be no job cuts. Some of the staff will stay at the plant, which will be repurposed for demonstration of VW’s upcoming technologies in the areas of electric cars and the digital world (it will open to visitors next month), while others will be reassigned to nearby plants.

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Eventually, though, VW will once again start production of vehicles at the Transparent Factory. It’s thought that the plant will be used for production of electrified cars from VW, including possibly a new battery-electric Phaeton confirmed for launch towards the end of the decade.


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