Jay Leno has plenty of cars that come through his garage. However, not all of them have the stories that this particular 1957 Chevrolet 210 hot rod wears all over its skin.

A '57 Chevy is a pretty standard machine, but the father and son team that worked together to bring this one to life have plenty to talk about regarding the car.

Richard and Aaron Raher created their dream machine from a pile of parts they plucked from a yard. The goal was to bring the car back to life, while wrenching side by side. That's just what the pair did.

All they were given was a naked frame and the body from the firewall on back. The original engine was there as well, and the build retains the powerplant. It's been given a few upgrades along the way but it's still very close to the original mill.

Both father and son served in the military, with the father serving in Vietnam and the son deployed to Iraq. Over the course of son Aaron's deployment, he was injured. Despite that, he deployed again. He used his redeployment signing bonus to help finish the build, and two and a half years later the car is finished and the two can enjoy their labor of love.