Dodge made a statement when it unleashed its Hellcats with 707 horsepower. Naturally, GM answered that call with the new 2017 Camaro ZL1, which packs 650 horsepower.

Last week we ran a fun Twitter poll with the question in our headline. While 67 percent of the respondents said no, 33 percent of you said: yes, it was a mistake.

We know, we know: "How could 650 horsepower in the new 2017 ZL1 be a mistake, Joel?"

Easily: Shoving that much testosterone, I mean horsepower, under the hood of the new ZL1 could well step on the Z06's toes.

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Fact: Both the new 2017 Camaro ZL1 and Corvette Z06 share the same engine, and now they share the same horsepower rating as well.

Are the performance numbers the same? Of course not. The ZL1's slightly heavier, and obviously not as slippery through the air.

Are the prices the same? Nope. The ZL1's cheaper, because, guys, this is a Camaro.

Does any of this matter? Probably not.

You would expect Camaro ZL1 buyers and Corvette Z06 buyers to be different, right?

Clearly from the results of our poll, you think so, or at least think that the ZL1 won't step on the Z06's toes.

Guess we'll find out soon enough.