To call this parking effort "poor" is underselling it quite a bit. What we have here is, in fact, one of the worst parking jobs ever. It seems a young resident of Vancouver was attempting to park his Porsche Cayenne in a garage. That should be a boring and simple task. This round peg should fit in its larger square hole, but the driver at the wheel doesn't quite get that.

At the start of the video, you can see that the right front wheel is already massively damaged. There's serious damage to the garage, and even more carnage inflicted upon the poor Porsche as the video continues. According to the comments under the video on its YouTube page, the driver of the car was just 16 years old.

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That comment thread actually leads to a news article that sheds quite a bit more light on this whole affair. What we find is a young, unlicensed driver who was in an accident prior to this parking adventure. Instead of waiting around for the cops, the driver fled and then attempted to fumble his machine into the the garage spot.

This video, shot by a neighbor, actually led police to find the suspect of the hit-and-run accident. They apparently didn't have much to go on until they found this video. The driver has since been arrested and turned a small fine into a much larger crime. 


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