A potentially faulty carbon fiber driveshaft has prompted Mercedes-Benz's AMG unit to recall the GT S sports car

The recall covers just 135 examples of the GT S built between June 1 and July 24 of last year and the company has issued a stop sale to prevent dealers from delivering any affected AMG GT S coupes that happen to be in inventory at the moment. 

According to Mercedes, "the bond between the carbon fiber driveshaft and the engine/transmission flange" is insufficient. In a worst case scenario, this means that the driveshaft might separate from the flange and spin, resulting in the engine and the transmission no longer having a direct connection. Power would be lost in this situation, which could lead to a wreck.

Mercedes says that it hasn't received any reports of deaths or injuries from the faulty carbon fiber driveshafts but that it will inspect and potentially replace the entire carbon fiber driveshaft if it deems that move necessary. 

The recall is set to begin in early July with letters being sent out to customers within the first week of parts availability. Mercedes says that its dealers can access MB Select funds at their discretion to help ease the burden for owners. MB Select is a program the automaker launched a couple of years ago designed to help improve the automaker's customer service. Dealers can use the funds to give owners gift cards to local restaurants, for instance.

That said, MB Select probably won't cover giving owners the new, range-topping GT R flagship...but it never hurts to ask.