Tesla has engineered some great features into its Model S sedan. There's the Summon command, which brings your Model S to you on its own. Additionally, there's the AutoPilot feature that has the car drive itself. With any new features, you expect the automaker to do a whole bunch of testing and development before letting it all fly in the hands of the public. Tesla did plenty of testing, but knows there's still more to be done and that's where owners come into play, including the owner featured here.

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Using a "friend" as the guinea pig, the owner puts his car into Summon mode while the friend, Mike, stands in front of it. The Tesla begins to drive forward but clearly senses the pedestrian and comes to a stop on its own. They try another version of the test where Mike is a bit offset from the nose of the car. You can see the Model S actually attempt to drive around the obstacle but realizes it cannot and again safely comes to a stop.

There's a bit more testing, however, where the car doesn't perform as the owner had hoped. While running the AutoPilot system, the Model S gives off warning chimes but it doesn't stop or steer out of the way of Mike when he steps into the path of the car. The owner assures us, in his video description, that both he and Mike had clear plans of how to get out of harm's way if the car wouldn't have behaved as expected. Luckily, Mike wasn't hurt.

Still, we're certainly not volunteering to perform such tests ourselves. Perhaps a cardboard cutout is a better idea for future testing?


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