We drove the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne; a startup firm is developing deployable tire spikes; and the Dodge Viper is scheduled to die after the 2017 model year. It's the Week in Reverse, right here at Motor Authority.

We traveled to Austria to drive one of the finest, most luxurious cars in the world, the 2017 Bentley Mulsanne. The addition of an Extended Wheelbase model only adds more luxury to the refined performance of Bentley's flagship sedan.

MobileSpike is a startup firm that is developing a tire-spike system that deploys from the front bumper of cop cars. The officer simply pulls up alongside an offender, presses a button, and the chase is over.

Porsche is set to reveal its new Panamera sedan next week, but shots of the 2017 model surfaced this week. The good news is the lumpy look of the first-generation car has been smoothed out, creating a genuinely good-looking car. We are also looking forward to the sexy wagon body style that is scheduled to be offered this time around.

The rumors have been circulating for awhile, and this week Dodge confirmed our fears: The Viper won't return after the 2017 model year. Dodge's announcement was an odd way to celebrate 25 years of this monster sports car, but at least the Viper is going out with a series of cool limited-edition models.

A madman drove a modified Lamborghini Gallardo to a new half-mile top speed record for a street-legal car, and we saw the video. Prepared by the folks at Underground Racing, the Gallardo makes more than 2,300 horsepower but still has air conditioning and hasn't cut any weight. Want to see what 240 mph looks like in a street car? Check out the video.