The first mass-production electric car to boast a highway range greater than 300 miles on a single charge is here. It's the 2016 Tesla Model S 90D.

Tesla's updated Model S 90D is now rated at 303.2 miles of highway range, according to measurements taken by the EPA. 

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Technically, as InsideEVs points out, the latest Model S is rated at 294 miles of total range, which is a weighted average of the 285.7-mile city range and the 303.2-mile highway range. The EPA calculates for 45 percent city miles and 55 percent highway miles.

Helping the car achieve a slightly longer range than the outgoing Model S 85D, which was rated at 270 miles of range, the new 90D variant boasts an enlarged 90-kwh battery pack. Tesla has also credited the car's newly redesigned front fascia as offering large aerodynamic benefits.

The outgoing 85D had, as its name suggests, an 85-kwh battery pack.

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The MPGe ratings increase as well. While the 2015 85D had MPGe ratings of 95 city, 106 highway, 100 combined, the 2016 90D is rated at 101/107/103.

The Model S P90D, with its more performance-oriented positioning and significantly more powerful engine, rates a bit lower at 270 miles on the highway. 

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