To many, a "public health crisis" suggests lead poisoning or a West Nile outbreak. 

But this week, Utah Governor Gary Herbert used that somewhat loaded phrase to describe pornography, as he signed a resolution determined to fight the moral scourge in the Beehive State. How this will affect its staunchly conservative residents—who according to a 2009 Harvard study, consume more adult material than any other American state—remains unclear.

Good luck, Utah. You're going to need it. Here's what else happened this week:

  • A JaguarForums member took delivery of his stunning Project 7, and pics were met with gasps, along with some good-natured jealousy—particularly when he revealed what else is stashed in his underground garage.
  •  After seeing a show about supercar factories, a CorvetteForum member noted the striking contrast between the sterile shop and uniformed employees of McLaren and Bowling Green's workers. It didn't go well.
  •  Last weekend, the editors of 6SpeedOnline were out in force covering the Long Beach Grand Prix, and they delivered some killer pictures from what many race fans have described as the "Monaco of the Americas."
  • Ford-Trucks loves everything boasting a Blue Oval. So the prospect of the 2016 GT race car kicking some European tail had race fans excited. But so far, the new car isn't delivering, and they're worried about Le Mans.
  • A mystery driver in New Jersey left cops confused after they wedged a Wrangler between a fence and a telephone poll and bounced before getting busted. JK-Forum thinks the rear axle might still be salvageable.   

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