Lamborghini might be scrapping clutch pedals, but Porsche says that manual transmissions will stick around at least a little longer.

The German automaker told Britain's Autocar that the six-speed manual transmission from the 911 R that debuted at this week's 2016 Geneva Motor Show will be available as an option on its next 911 GT3. The 911 R, an homage to its 1967 namesake, is essentially a stripped-out, back-to-basics 911. The confirmation came from none other than Andreas Preuninger, the engineer known as "Mr. GT3".

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Porsche's current 911 GT3 can only be ordered with the company's PDK dual-clutch transmission. That transmission allows for faster shifts, but enthusiasts have long lamented that even the best automated unit lacks some of the tactile and traditional feel of a true manual.

The decidedly hardcore, track-oriented GT3 RS will remain PDK-only in its next generation, however.

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Notably, Preuninger also told the Brit publication that the GT3 will remain naturally-aspirated "for the foreseeable future."

Porsche hasn't released any information on the next GT3, but our spies did manage to nab a mildly-camouflaged version about a month ago. Note, we're talking an updated version here and not a complete redesign. 

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