Buick has made the move to trademark "Avenir" with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. That's the name affixed to the rather surprising concept vehicle that was shown at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show and hinted at a potential range-topping sedan from the brand. This is a shapely machine that could also pave the way for future Buick styling moves down the road. It's no surprise that Buick would trademark the name, but we don't expect an Avenir-badged machine to wind up in dealer showrooms. This move is most likely done to protect and hold onto the moniker, and keep it out of anyone else's hands.

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The automaker also filed trademarks on a few other names. "Buick Regal Sport Touring" and "Buick LaCrosse Sport Touring" were both protected by the brand. What's interesting here is that the European version of Buick, otherwise known as Opel, offers up its own Insignia Sports Tourer. The Tourer part of the name refers to the fact that it's a wagon. Now, we don't expect to see Buick offer up a wagon version of its Regal or LaCrosse over here, as that would be too awesome of them to do.

Instead, these trademarked names most like point to new trim lines for each vehicle. These could be slightly more sporting trims that wear more aggressive wheels and revised fascia bits, but we're clearly just speculating here. We do wish that Buick would move to revive the words "Grand" and "National", but those days are long gone for this brand. Chevrolet and Cadillac has all of the fun General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] cars, and Buick makes the ones for those residing in Florida.

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