Chevrolet has released what’s likely to be the last of its teasers for the sixth-generation Camaro muscle car due to be unveiled to the public at a special event being held at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park on Saturday, May 16. The latest teasers hint at some of the aerodynamic features of the new Camaro and join previous teasers detailing the car’s design, track-handling features, stiffness, lightweight construction and available V-8 engine.

According to Chevy, more than 350 hours were spent in a General Motors Company [NYSE:GM] wind tunnel honing the new Camaro’s aerodynamics. The result is a car that will not only slip through the air better than the outgoing Camaro but one that will also also produce more downforce at speed. At the same time, the engineering team was also faced with improving cooling performance and lowering wind noise.

“To balance these different aerodynamic targets, we tested literally hundreds of changes on the new Camaro, millimeters at a time,” Camaro exterior design manager Kirk Bennion said in a statement.

For example, the initial design called for the lower grille bars to be set at a 20-degree angle to the horizon. However, after significant testing, the team improved engine-cooling airflow by 1 percent by shifting the angle to 13 degrees—a change that achieved the airflow target while maintaining the look the design team had envisioned.

And rather than a traditional front air dam to boost downfoce, the team developed a flat underfloor that stretches from the grille to the center of the vehicle. Paired with small “spats” forward of the front tires, the flat underbody is said to improve downforce by 30 percent—while also reducing drag.

The new Camaro will go on sale in late fall, as a 2016 model. For more details, including spy shots and video of prototypes, head to our previous post.


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