We’re now just a little over a month out from the debut of the all-new, sixth-generation Chevrolet Camaro but that hasn’t slowed down the pace of Chevy’s teaser campaign for the car. Today we learned that that the car’s structural stiffness will be 28 percent greater than in the current model, which should result in it having better ride and handling attributes as well as improved NVH levels.

The key reason for the improved stiffness is the adoption of General Motors Company’s [NYSE:GM] brilliant Alpha platform, but advanced structural modeling also played an important role. According to the new Camaro’s program engineering manager, Jim Karlavage, computer modeling allowed engineers to accurately model opportunities to add torsional strength without adding unnecessary mass, resulting in a structure that’s not only stiff but light too.

As previously reported, the new Camaro will be around 200 pounds lighter than the current model. And with the lower weight of the main structure, it meant the size and weight of elements such as the wheels, tires and brakes could be lowered further, helping to reduce unsprung weight. According to Karlavage, this makes the new Camaro feel “more nimble”.

Chevy will unveil the new Camaro on Saturday, May 16 at Detroit’s Belle Isle Park. It’s set to go on sale this fall, as a 2016 model. In addition to learning about its stiffer structure and lightweight design, we’ve also been treated via official means to a teaser image, a look at one of the car’s badges and confirmation that the car will offer the 6.2-liter LT1 V-8 found in the Corvette. On top of this, we’ve also seen numerous spy shots of prototypes and seen one of the car's key body dies.


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