The tooth is loose. So loose that the connection between the chewing tool and the child is the mere suggestion of tissue. A quick yank will usually produce the desired result of one less baby tooth for the kid and one less dollar bill in the wallet of the parent. Still, that yank causes anxiety. It causes fear. The child is losing a tooth, and in his or her mind this tooth isn't ready to go until it simply drops to the ground of its own accord. Instead of one's own accord, a better instrument to consider when one is looking to speed up this process is a Camaro.

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As this video from YouTube user Rob Venomous shows, a father possessing a set of keys to a red Chevrolet Camaro SS decided that a dab of horsepower would help motivate his child's tooth towards freedom. You have the car, you add in string tied to the rear of the car and you attach the other side to the stubborn bit of dental matter. Apply only a touch of throttle and the whole affair is over before the child realizes he just tied his face to the back of a 400+ horsepower moving machine.

The father was smart about not spinning the tires. He was also smart in the way he may have helped forge a love of cars in his child. That Camaro just earned the kid a few bucks from the tooth fairy. It also probably just earned him a love affair with the General's Bowtie, and the sound of V-8 engines.

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Seriously though... that guy's Camaro sounds pretty damn good, no?


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