Leona Chin is a pro driver from Malaysia. She also knows some people who clearly have a beef with some local driving instructors.

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A production company tasked Leona with dressing like a sort of clueless young girl in need of some behind-the-wheel lessons. Everyone keeps calling her look "nerdy." but simply adding glasses does not a nerd make, so we're sticking with the aforementioned description. Regardless, the instructors initially believe they're helping someone who could be a bit hopeless.

That all changes quickly though, as Leona leads them to an open parking lot.

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Turn the wheel, drop the clutch, and delve into the world of opposite lock mixed with screaming passengers. We feel a bit bad for the older lady who genuinely seems afraid that she's about to die. We don't feel as bad for the young male instructor who should've noticed the drift skills as soon as Leona started flicking the wheel. Either way, we're happy that the video exists.

Click play, sit back, and have a bit of a laugh as you wind down your Friday at work. Nice wheel work, Leona.


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