This is one of those moments of intolerance the world could really do without.

The scene: A Lamborghini Aventador runs through the revs, but appears to be under 60 mph when a man walks into the street. The Aventador driver slows, and the man, chanting “Keep racing! Keep racing!” while brandishing a large rock, approaches the car.

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As the Aventador slowly edges past, the man blasts the side of the Lamborghini with the rock, then hurls another.

The video ends there, but this guy’s completely uncalled for idiocy and violence will live on forever on the web.

Sure, the guy may have had a point—the street is no place to uncork the full potential of any car, much less a supercar like the Aventador—but the answer is not public stoning.

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These are the kind of rage-fueled moves that turn normal traffic incidents into vicious accidents; the kind that turn a bar fight into a murder investigation.

If you want to keep “racers!” off your street, call the cops, call the city council and have a speed bump installed, whatever. Just don’t do what this guy did.