Like any good racing team, the road-going side of McLaren has thrown down a gauntlet for its major competitors, including Porsche and Aston Martin, declaring a complete lack of any need for an SUV to generate profits.

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In fact, the brand can exist solely on the sales of rather high-end supercars; after all its upcoming “entry level” Sports Series cars will still likely be priced in excess of $150,000, minimum.

But as McLaren Automotive CEO Mike Flewitt told Automotive News (subscription required), his company’s business plan is smart enough to negate the need for a brand-diluting SUV.

Instead, Flewitt says, profitability is based around three core concepts: spreading sales evenly across the North American, European, and Asian markets; controlling costs; and quickly iterating new models to keep customers’ interest.

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The result, according to Flewitt, is a brand that can self-sustain on very focused, high-performance cars, without the need for a volume-selling vehicle to beef up the bottom line.

Of course, with just a handful of years in existence, McLaren Automotive may yet find it needs that financial crutch—or it may prove its brilliance.