The bravado and buffoonery that have become Jeremy Clarkson’s trademark style have landed him in hot water with the BBC once again—and this time, he’s been suspended. On top of that, Top Gear will not be broadcast this Sunday as a result. Now, according to a source close to Clarkson, he's so upset with the BBC and the strained relationship that he may quit even if things are smoothed over.

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According to the BBC, Clarkson was suspended “pending an investigation” after “a fracas” with one of the show’s producers.

According to Radio Times, Clarkson’s suspension is the result of having punched—or having “aimed a punch at”—a male producer, an incident reported to the BBC yesterday. The result: Clarkson’s suspension and the final three episodes of the 22nd series of Top Gear being pulled from the air.

Now, Clarkson is apparently so upset with the state of his relationship with the BBC that he may just quit Top Gear even if things can be smoothed over.

If so, it would strike us as the epitome of childish behavior: Clarkson gets himself in trouble, repeatedly; Clarkson gets warned, repeatedly; Clarkson punches an employee (over what is rumored to be a late dinner); Clarkson moans and whinges and runs away like he's the victim. What's wrong with this picture?

Fans of Top Gear (or enemies of Clarkson) may remember that the tall and windy host was given a final warning by the BBC last year after comments deemed offensive by the BBC and many viewers.

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It’s not yet clear what will come of Clarkson’s suspension, or what the underlying “fracas” was all about, but we will update this space as more information emerges.