We're nearing the time when Furious 7 is available in a theater near you. It's going to attract a wide range of fans, be they car lovers, action-movie addicts, or Vin Diesel devotees. It's also already attracted some attention from the folks at Dodge, who have just decided to team up with the franchise ahead of the release of the latest installment.

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This partnership starts at the movie level and moves to the music to which you listen. To take advantage of this, Dodge has released a new commercial which features someone shopping for a new Challenger before being momentarily lost in a Furious 7 scene utilizing the same type of car. This buyer is sucked back into reality and, obviously, has to buy the car because his future plans include drifting near cliff edges and using the rear spoiler as a safety mechanism for daring good guys.

From the television and movie side, Dodge has also teamed up with Atlantic Records. The Furious 7 soundtrack features tons of artists, and those artists are going to make music videos for their songs off the record. You're going to see many Dodge products both old and new sprinkled throughout. One video alone features six vehicles, including two of the actual movie cars.

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So Dodge is clearly jumping into the Furious game with its foot firmly placed on the throttle. Since we're going to guess that this movie does pretty damn well, it's a smart place for Dodge to be. You can be in the theater to see it all go down when the film opens up on April 3.


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