I'm 34 years old. Yes, I still play video games, but it's harder to find the time to do so, and it's harder to get excited about new games. Today is not one of those days though, because Forza Horizon 2 is set to launch a free downloadable pack of cars sure to appease 90% of automotive enthusiasts. It's a variety of Mazda MX-5 examples, and it includes the 2016 ND Miata.

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That's not even the best car in the pack, as we're dealing with a pretty stellar group of machines here. You have the original 1990 NA Miata, a 2005 MazdaSpeed MX-5 with its turbocharged engine, and the nearly-perfect Super20 SEMA Concept Car. I've been fortunate to drive all three of these, and each one get better in ascending order, with the Super20 providing a truly remarkable driving experience.

The only one on the list I haven't driven is the new ND, and this marks the first chance for most of the world (outside of a handful of journalists and engineers) to jump behind the (virtual) wheel of the newest Miata. So be sure to mark the date March 17th on your calendar, because that's when you can turn on your Xbox One and trip the light Mazda fantastic.

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I'm getting old... but I'm not too old to enjoy some virtual tire-sliding fun in a quartet of some of Mazdas greatest hits.


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