The new Ford Mustang is an immediate hit with pony car fans here in the States. That's not a surprise, of course, as the Mustang has been a beloved cultural icon for decades now, and the latest version could arguably be considered the greatest version.

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Don't freak out, we love 67 Fastbacks to no end, but from a drivers point of view, the new car reigns supreme. It's not just the United States that's fallen in love, however, as the rest of the planet seems to be grabbing on to some Mustang love.

Ford says that China appears to be developing a case of Mustang fever. Over five million potential customers hit up the Ford website to check out the car, while 18,000 folks signed up to take the vehicle for a test drive. Of those ordering the car, it seems that the preferred color choice is red. That's followed by white, and then black.

2015 Ford Mustang Global Colors

2015 Ford Mustang Global Colors

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The hue-buying choice of China is similar to European Mustang shoppers, where Red is again the top choice. In Europe, however, it then goes Black and Blue with the next two favored colors. Moving to the Mustang's home country, we find that the colors go Black, Silver, and then Red. We're a bit sad that it doesn't fall in some manner of Red, White, and Blue, but we'll get over it.

Europe appears to be just as excited as China when it comes to the new Mustang. Per Ford, over one million versions have been configured on the automakers website. The car is available to order now, and we think it will look great on roads throughout Europe, and China as well.

An American icon is set to shine on the global stage.


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