Even in stock trim, Nissan's GT-R can deliver zero-to-60 times in the sub-three second range, putting it the territory of luminaries like the McLaren 12C, Ferrari 458, and Lamborghini Huracan.

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For drivers, acceleration that blistering feels akin to being shot out of a cannon.

But as we've seen, in the hands of capable tuners, Godzilla is even more ferocious—and there's a large population of aftermarket companies seeking to unleash its true potential. Obviously, bragging rights are won at the track, and the latest king of the GT-R mountain is Washington State's Extreme Turbo Systems. World Car Fans has just posted video of the team's latest monster blasting through the 1/4 mile in a staggering 7.49 seconds at 189 mph. The run bested the previous record of 7.70 at 186 mph—set by AMS/ALPHA Performance—in October of 2014.

The achievement is even more impressive given that the interior of the record-setter hasn't been stripped of creature comforts. From the inside, it looks like a comfortable daily.

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Watch the video to check out the wicked pass, and stay tuned—the battle for GT-R supremacy is hardly over.


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