The Top Gear boys don't exactly need their track at the moment. Still, it's a space that could be put to good use, and that's exactly what happens when a group of supercar owners come together to exercise their machines. YouTube supercar specialist Shmee150 was on hand to ride shotgun as two exotics squared off to compare straight-line abilities.

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This battle sees the Porsche 918 Spyder line up against the Lexus LFA. We said battle, but what we really mean is that the LFA sits back and enjoys the near-astronomic grade acceleration of the Porsche. Yes, the LFA is one of the greatest sounding production vehicles of all time, but both passenger and driver of said Lexus knew they never stood a chance against the German weapon of mass physics destruction.

The real winner here? All of us watching the clip. We get to hear the Lexus and see the Porsche. That's a good way to finish up your work day on a Friday, no? You're still not done? Watch the video a few more times, your boss is probably watching it too.

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