That sounds like the opening to a stupid car joke. If you're the owner of said Murcielago, however, you might not be laughing. These two Italian machines lined up for a brief drag race and you wouldn't be a silly person to expect the big bull to take down the petite Fiat. In the end, you'd be wrong.

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It's the almost rally car-esque engine note coming from the Fiat that should be your first clue that things are not going to end well for the Lamborghini. Each car is lined up, and the Fiat is clearly chomping at the bit to be let loose. The starter signals them to battle, and the more expensive machine is left playing catch up.

Our favorite types of drag racing videos show the unexpected hero triumphing over the supposed winner.  That's the case here, so we're not even mad that the video is merely the same run replayed three times in a row.

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