Mike and Jim Ring are the two men responsible for some truly excellent automotive creations. Their latest creation took home trophies, admiration, and probably the hearts and souls of any who looked upon its sheetmetal while it was parked inside the confines of the most recent SEMA event.

It's called Recoil, and it's a Chevelle that's been given the Ring Brothers treatment, which means its been turned up past 11 and onward to something closer to 1000—as in 1000 horsepower—and it all recently arrived at Jay Leno's Garage for its Internet video close-up.

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Leno invited Mike and Jim into his space so he could get a better look at this awesome machine. Under the hood sits a LS-series V-8 engine that's aided in the power-making department thanks to a supercharger. It's a whipple unit that screams louder than average 50 Shades moviegoer. Jay remarks about the toned-down paint scheme as it leads the eye to all of the enhancements the car has received. This includes a set of custom 19-inch-front and 20-inch-rear wheels from HRE, as well as numerous small touches that highlight the Ring Brothers ability to make special cars.

The powerplant produces 980 horsepower, which means the Recoil Chevelle is fast. The engine is mated to a Tremec T56 gearbox, and Leno thinks the gearing could use an adjustment because first gear is over way too fast.

Other than that little issue and the need for a bit more brake pressure, Jay can't find anything else wrong with the car, and that's saying something for a SEMA build.

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These are cars that are normally turned out quickly to make sure they make it to the show on time. Little issues can be hidden on the stand, and the car is simply pushed on and off the truck for the needs of the show. That's not the case here, as Mike and Jim don't build cars like that. Everything works, and it all works well, and that's what helps set the Ring Brothers apart from many other builders out there.


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