Akrapovic makes exhaust systems for supercars and scaldingly-hot hatchbacks like the Abarth 695 Biposto, but its latest product takes a more high-tech approach to great car sounds. The Slovenian company will launch a new system that allows a driver or passenger to control the exhaust sound using a remote control or even a smartphone app.

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The Akrapovic Sound Kit uses a wireless receiver to drive actuators, which open and close valves in the exhaust system to adjust sound volumes. Opening the valves alters the way gases flow through the exhaust, providing a sportier soundtrack to enthusiastic driving that can be quieted down when social etiquette and noise-abatement laws demand it.

The system will be available for both cars and motorcycles, with two modes available for each. Cars will get "regular" and "sporty" modes, while bikes will get "regular" and "auto."

It's all operated through the Sound Remote Controller button, which can be mounted on the center console of cars, and to any accessible area of a motorcycle using a mounting bracket. The Bluetooth-equipped controller can also be detached from its mounting point and carried around in a pocket or attached to keys.

Alternatively, Akrapovic has also developed an app for iOS and Android that turns smartphones into exhaust sound remote controls. Phones can do virtually anything, so why not use them to make your exhaust louder?

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The Akrapovic Sound Kit will launch in April. It will initially be available only on Akrapovic's Slip-On Line titanium exhaust system for the Lamborghini Aventador, with a version for for Harley-Davidson Touring and Dyna motorcycles set to follow in May.


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