SEMA is the showcase for all things insane in the automotive world. Jay Leno's Garage is the place to see pretty much everything in the automotive world, so it should be no surprise that these worlds can occasionally collide. That's what happened recently when the Fab Fours crew brought their Legend Jeep over to the Denim One's sacred lair.

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The Fab Fours Legend is an outrageous looking machine. It is a Jeep Wrangler with a roof section that has been chopped four inches. It rolls on 50-inch tires, and the cabin space is protected by red-tinted glass. The truck comes off looking like an assault vehicle for the year 2040, or perhaps the leftover movie prop from some SyFy flick.

Underneath all of the exterior changes, this Legend is motivated by stock Jeep running gear. That means the standard six-cylinder engine is being tasked with pushing those massive tires around. The gearing has been changed, but we don't expect things to remain unbroken for too long. Still, Fab Fours states that this is merely a prototype. It's a for-fun vehicle, and it certainly fits that mold.

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