As enthusiasts, we hate the idea of an exquisitely engineered hypercar spending its entire existence living a life of leisure. Which is why it's so awesome to see this LaFerrari getting flogged at Spa—even though the conditions are far from ideal.

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YouTube user Powerslide Lover posted this video of Maranello's latest and greatest lapping the notoriously tricky track in the wet on a set of—according to the YouTube description—"worn out semi-slick tyres," and the results are as exciting as you might expect.

Obviously, it looks like a total blast.

But not stuffing the poorly shod, 950-horsepower, rear-wheel-drive beast into the wall took some serious skill, which isn't to say there weren't a few close calls here. The action around 4:19 in the above clip will wake you up more than a triple shot of espresso.

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Check out the videos below from some other perspectives on this slick session's power slides, and don't miss the cameo from a Porsche 918. 



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