I'm in love with the idea of a vehicle that can pretty much go anywhere it wants. On the other hand, a classic muscle car is on my bucket list of "Must Own Before I Go" vehicles. That's why I'm absolutely head over heels for one of the hero cars in the new Furious 7 film.

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It's a 1970 Dodge Charger body set on a Pro 2 off-road chassis: Dream. Car. Realized.

Dominic Toretto needs a tough vehicle to handle a certain plot point in the new film. The man who builds his cars goes by Dennis McCarthy, and his shop has been on fabrication duty since Tokyo Drift. He and his crew are responsible for building the cars for Toretto and his on-screen screw. This means the wide range of cars from muscle cars to off-road menaces to what is clearly a mix of each.

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This Charger, however, is the greatest car in the Furious franchise. It's got the bad-ass looks of the muscle car skin it wears, yet its running gear allows it to be driven pretty much anywhere the driver needs to put it. A classic Charger with suspension travel. I need this car in my life, and I need to take it on a trip from Southern California all the way to Cabo... on mostly dirt roads.


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