We've been talking about the AMS Alpha Omega GT-R a lot recently. The car is an amazing feat of aftermarket engineering, and it recently ran away with the title at the Texas Invitational speed event. While in Texas, the team decided to stick around and make the most of their trip. This meant a journey to a quarter-mile dragstrip some six hours away from where the Texas speed event took place. 

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The timing equipment didn't exactly cooperate on the first day of running, as a fast pass didn't register with the timing equipment. The weather didn't cooperate either as an approaching storm and eventual rain shut down the day.

Day two brought clearer skies and nice warm temperatures. The AMS Performance team were able to record a quarter-mile run of just 7.700 seconds with a trap speed of 186 miles per hour. During that run, the Alpha Omega GT-R went from 0-60 miles per hour in just 1.53 seconds. It only took 2.79 seconds from the start to reach 100 miles per hour, and the bit from 100 up to 150 miles per hour happened in just 2.15 seconds.

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Those numbers are amazing, and the team says the car has more in it. There's more power available, they just need to find the right mix of track conditions to make it happen. We'll be eagerly awaiting word once they do get it even further dialed in the car is already.


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