It appears that the recently introduced M2 Competition might just be the start of BMW M's tuning program for the M2.

In fact, we could see both CS and CSL versions added the down the line to keep interest in the M2 on the boil.

Citing one of its sources, the BMW Blog reported Wednesday that an M2 CS is being looked at as a potential limited-edition model for the United States. If given the green light, it would be introduced around early 2020.

The BMW Blog also reported that an M2 CSL, if approved for production, would be a global model and arrive shortly after the M2 CS. It too would be a limited-edition model, built for just one year to see out the current generation of the M2.

BMW M2 M Performance Parts concept

BMW M2 M Performance Parts concept

We'll remind you that there's been confirmation from BMW M boss Frank van Meel that CSL models are coming. Speaking at the 2017 Frank auto show, van Meel said CSL will mean a “top-of-the-line track tool, made on the track for the track, just with a number plate.”

BMW's M2 Competition is already quite the impressive package, and at $58,900 it's reasonably priced too. It has 405 horsepower on tap, or 40 more than the stock M2.

Judging by modifications BMW M made for its M4 CS, an M2 CS will likely benefit from slightly more power and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic body parts to help shed weight. The M2 M Performance Parts concept unveiled in July may hint at what's to come.

For the M2 CSL, we can look at upgrades BMW M featured on the M4 GTS. In this case we could be looking at a big boost in power, possibly via a water-injection system, as well as track-tuned suspension and aero. Note, the engineers at BMW M might already be out testing an M4 CSL.