If you’re in the market for a car that can, quite literally, rule the world, you should definitely be looking at the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG.

Whether it’s a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce or a BMW or an Audi you’re comparing it to, the S63 AMG has the chops—both luxury and performance—to take on all comers. It’s a remarkable car, and it’s a nominee for Motor Authority’s Best Car To Buy 2015 award.

Even before we get to the tug-of-gravity powerplant under the hood, there’s a lot to love about the S63 AMG, whether in coupe or sedan form. The sedan is sharp, wearing an aggressive front end on an otherwise understated but elegant body. The coupe, on the other hand, is all sinuous curves and undulating surfaces, wrapped up in a ball of restrained aggression that ends up being one of the most attractive two-doors on the market today.

Inside, the looks are even more impressive. Style, comfort, design, and luxury converge in a way that just calls for superlatives. In our first drive of the sedan, we surrendered to that call: “If you're wondering where the Maybach line went, it was eaten by the old S Class, which molted and became the new S Class, and then grew a 577-horsepower, 664-pound-foot twin-turbo V-8 AMG heart and did a four-wheel drift around Maybach's grave. The S63 AMG is an utterly fantastic place to be. Fortunately, it's that good no matter which of the four thrones you occupy. Yes, thrones. "Seats" doesn't do justice to the world's four best automotive places to park your ass. And then get it massaged, along with your back, with "hot stones", like there's a tiny masseuse living in the cushions.”

The coupe delivers the same experience.

Handling, in a large, heavy, luxurious coupe or sedan may be something of an afterthought. Here, it’s not an afterthought, but at the same time, it’s not entirely at the forefront. And in the case of the S63 AMG duo, it’s not all that necessary either. That’s not to say the pair can’t handle a fantastic winding road with aplomb—they can, especially the coupe—it’s just that, as we noted in our first drive, “You won’t want—or need—to push the limits in this über-coupe, however; its twin-turbo V-8’s output is available at any time, smoothly slinging you toward the horizon, so why bother unsettling your passenger in the corners, anyway? AMG’s 33-percent front, 67-percent rear fixed 4Matic all-wheel-drive power distribution provides ample traction, regaining any speed given up to a more relaxed pace.”

And that’s before you get to all of the latest in Mercedes’ nearly self-driving abilities, other safety technology, high-end audio, and extensive range of upholstery and interior materials options.

All in all, the S63 AMG experience is easily the equal of any Bentley or Rolls-Royce we’ve driven, while being a much more engaging and capable car at the limits of performance. It’s an enthusiast’s dream car, and while it might cost as much as a house does in flyover country, it’s money well spent if you’ve got it.

Why? Because where you’re going in the S63 AMG, you’ll arrive in style, comfort, and luxury—with as much speed as you dare.

Find out more about our Best Car To Buy 2015 award, as well as the 15 nominees, as we ramp up to the official announcement on November 10th.

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