The producers of the new Godzilla movie which airs across the country on May 16 have resisted completely revealing the star of the show in official trailers, but you can see him in all his glory in a new television spot for the Fiat 500L.

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The short spot demonstrates that the 500L’s extra bulk compared to the regular 500 is too much for even Godzilla to handle. After swallowing up a couple of 500s, the Tokyo terror then downs a 500L but needs to cough it back up again.

Yes, the ad is a little silly and may ruin your impression of the movie if you’ve been avoiding all the official trailers—so be warned before you reach for the play button. It does have some great visuals, however, as it was created by the same team that worked on the movie.

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For more on the Fiat 500L, check out the full review over at The Car Connection.


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