Most who've driven Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca will tell you that the infamous Corkscrew is far from the most challenging turn on the course. They're right... but that doesn't matter because it remains one of the most iconic turns in motorsports. The reason behind it is due to the massive elevation change coupled with a nearly blind entry point that sees the car going from a nearly nose up position into a steep nose down position in a matter of seconds. It's a thrill ride.

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It's quite entertaining in a car, but what would it be like on a big wheel?

ESPN Pit Reporter Taro Koki found out a few years ago when he strapped a few cameras to the kids toy, and then he himself climbed aboard to take it through turns 8 and 8A. Actually, he managed to work up enough speed to continue on through Turns 9 and 10 before coming to a rest outside of the Pit In section before Turn 11. Now we think Taro should up the danger a bit next time by using a Power Wheels toy and adding in a few folks to turn it into a race.

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Yes, we are in fact raising our hand to throw down at the Corkscew... your move Taro.


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