Jaguar is reinventing itself in the U.S. Always carrying a slightly caddish, dastardly image, the British automaker's Good To Be Bad campaign is now spilling into its interactions with other automakers.

First there was the sly shot at Mercedes-Benz and its Active Ride Control. Now, it's taken a pop at Maserati and its Ghibli sedan. Spotted by Top Speed, the opening salvo was fired on the firm's Twitter feed, when it stated, "Did you know that #ghibli means hot air? Seems appropriate", before copying Maserati's feed into the tweet and ending with the now-familiar #GoodToBeBad hashtag. Never has the term "meow" been more appropriate a response...

Maserati's long-held Ghibli name is indeed hot air, more specifically a hot, dust-carrying desert wind in North Africa. It remains to be seen how Maserati will reply--though Mercedes took Jaguar's shots in good humor, hinting that cats aren't quite as responsive as Jaguar might like to think in a follow-up advert. Of course, Maserati may not care--following its Super Bowl campaign, Kelly Blue Book revealed that the company's online interest rose 700 percent--next to Jaguar's 224 percent.

Given Jaguar's alphabetic naming scheme, Maserati will have to work a little harder to rip on Jaguar's products. What would you come up with?


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