It's nearly Christmas, and apparently automotive advertising departments have been on the brandy mince pies and the mulled wine, because things have started getting a little silly.

Recently, Mercedes released an advert demonstrating its Magic Body Control system, using chickens. British rival Jaguar lampooned this advert by demonstrating that chicken-like body control in relation to an actual jaguar--and the result wasn't great for the chicken. Jaguar's summary? "We prefer cat-like reflexes".

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Mercedes has now come back with its own response to Jaguar's ad, touting another of its electronic safety systems, Pre-Safe brake. This stops the car in the event that something--say, a jaguar--steps out into the road in front of you, as it's doing in the advert. The tagline this time? "Because cat-like reflexes aren't fast enough". Mee-OW.

We're now intrigued to see how far the friendly back-and-forth continues--Jaguar playing ever more on its reputation for dynamics and elegance, Mercedes on its Teutonic reputation for safety and technology.

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Perhaps one or two of the other luxury automakers will step in and assert its own characteristics on the situation? Both BMW and Audi have had a reputation for cheeky billboard adverts in the past, while Japanese marque Lexus and home brand Cadillac have their own unique characteristics to tout. No harm in a little friendly rivalry over the festive season...


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