Mercedes-Benz should have known what it was getting itself into.

The German carmaker recently launched an ad using chickens to demonstrate the whimsically-named Magic Body Control system on the 2014 S-Class, one of many new high-tech features on Mercedes' recently-reinvigorated flagship luxury sedan. Jaguar was not amused.

Magic Body Control uses the S-Class' array of cameras and sensors to scan the road ahead and preemptively adjust the suspension to minimize harshness. That's very clever, but the chickens seemed a bit too silly for the makers of the 2014 XJR.

So, the Brits apparently thought, why not fight fire with fire? Jaguar's communications boffins decided to make an animal ad of their own, and guess which animal they chose.

Jaguar's rebuttal ad is a face-off between the Mercedes chicken and an actual Jaguar. It ends exactly how one would expect it to.

"We prefer cat-like reflexes," the tagline reads. Well played, Jaguar.

The rebuttal doesn't quite convey any specific quality of a car the way the original Mercedes ad did, but it will probably be just as memorable. It's good to know that, even in the hyper-competitive luxury car business, someone still has a sense of humor.


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