Saleen Automotive, the well-known but at times embattled empire of Steve Saleen, has announced it will build a high-performance version of a new car. No, it's not the 2015 Ford Mustang (not yet, anyway). It's the Tesla Model S.

The upcoming Saleen Model S will be the company's first foray into electric cars, and while the Saleen team is still far from a finished product, the possibilities are enticing.

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Steve Saleen sets high goals for the car, hitting a few key buzzwords along the way, "[W]ith our upcoming entry into the electric car market with a revolutionary design all our own, we share a desire to also produce vehicles that are not dependent on fossil fuels and which accomplish this fuel independence with a tremendous assemblage of grace and technology...I fully intend to produce one of the most compelling Tesla's to ever hit the roadway."

Given the Model S's proven performance in stock form, we're excited to see what Saleen can cook up for the car. Even if the company can't extract more from the battery pack or motor, an upgraded suspension and bodywork might turn an already stellar electric car into a true phenomenon.

No release date for the Saleen Model S has been set as yet, but renderings are expected in the near future, along with a detailed spec sheet for the planned upgrades.

Saleen S302 2011 Ford Mustang GT

Saleen S302 2011 Ford Mustang GT