A new group is looking to bring some more style to the world of the Tesla Model S. They're called Unplugged Performance, and they're based right near one of Tesla Motors's [NSDQ:TSLA] Supercharger stations in Hawthorne, California. It seems like the goal is to provide a range of products for the Model S, and the group is starting with a few items related to exterior bodywork.

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Currently listed for sale are side skirts, a front fascia, a rear spoiler, and a rear fascia and diffuser. It's all a simple upgrade that actually looks pretty good, and makes a good looking car a few ticks better. We're curious though what else this crew might have in terms of actual performance.

Additionally, they claim to be the first company to tune the Model S, yet there's no tuning options listed on the website. They better hurry up with that goal, because Saleen currently has the jump on them in the Model S tuning arena.

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Regardless, we're excited to see aftermarket companies starting to embrace the world of electric vehicles. Just as folks have tuned V-8 engines on hot rods for decades, we look forward to a new crop of hot rodders that know how to turn 1s and 0s into more power and performance.