Following its world debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Auto Show late last year, Porsche’s new 918 Spyder is slowly making its way into buyer hands. Avid Porsche fan Jay Leno hasn’t confirmed if he’s bought one yet (he's already bought a McLaren P1), but he did recently take a closer look at one and appears to have come away very impressed with it.

After a quick spin during the 918 Spyder’s local debut in Monterey, California last year, Leno got a second look at the car in his garage. On hand to explain all the details was Porsche North America spokesman Daniel Eastman.

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Unlike its Ferrari LaFerrari and McLaren P1 rivals, both of which are sold out, the 918 Spyder is still available for sale and could be yours for $845,000. The Porsche has the added benefit that it has a removable roof, which makes it ideal for the upcoming summer months.

Stay tuned, as Motor Authority is driving the 918 Spyder this week and will be bringing you an extensive first drive report in the immediate future.


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