Would it surprise you if we told you that Jay Leno is getting delivery of the first McLaren P1 on this side of the Atlantic?

Of course it didn't shock us; and it's an interesting lesson on how the slightly surreal world of exotic car delivery can work.

Unlike the sometimes cringe-worthy unloading (or loading) antics we've seen with other supercars, this McLaren P1 gets the white glove treatment, complete with a truck that not only lowers its bed, but raises its top to free the car in the most gentle and elegant of ways.

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Under the protective covering, we can see that the car being delivered (in the Beverly Hills area) is a bright yellow P1. Once off the truck, the delivery team takes special precautions to ensure the P1 doesn’t scrape its nose or tail on the entry to the dealership where it will await delivery.

Leno has developed quite a reputation for getting first dibs of all sorts; he was also the first outside McLaren to drive a P1, last summer.


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