We all get crazy little ideas. Most of us dismiss them as pointless, unrealistic, or just silly. John Bitmead is not most of us.

No, Englishman Bitmead got his crazy little idea and immediately set about bringing it to life: an adult-scale Little Tikes car. Yes, an open-air car with no windshield in rainy Britain.

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At 1,000 hours and £4,000 (about $6,600) to build, it was no minor undertaking. So why did he do it?

Bitmead explained to the BBC, "I just thought, what a wonderful idea, to make something like that but real." In other words, even Bitmead doesn't really know why he did it.

Inexplicability aside, it looks to be a rather well-executed take on the original toy car many of us knew and loved as toddlers. The car will be used to raise money for childrens charities, too, so it has that going for it.