Running 33 psi of boost is, by some standards, not all that extreme. Running 33 psi of boost in a flame-spitting Nissan GT-R built for the purpose by Switzer is nutty. Our kind of nutty. Like 1,212-horsepower nutty.

Of course, that's horsepower at the crank. At the wheels you'll find only--"only"--1,087 horsepower. That's almost exactly double the crank horsepower of a stock 2015 Nissan GT-R.

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So what goes into making a Nissan GT-R turn out Bugatti Veyron-like numbers? A fully built engine, for one, plus a built transmission with Pfitzner Performnace Gearbox gears, an upgraded Dodson clutch (and some Dodson transmission bits), an HKS transmission cooler and pan, and more. Also fitted to this bonkers GT-R is the Switzer Performance E1K package, AP Racing brakes, and a Syvecs ECU mapped by Ryan Griffith from Syvecs.

All in all, it's an impressive build that doesn't put too much emphasis on the looks, instead focusing on the go-fast. Just our style.